Frequently asked questions

How often should i clean my ducts?
Every three years for maintenance, every year for chronic C.O.P.D sufferers. 

How long does it take mold to grow?
Seven to ten days to incubate and start showing themselves on Sheetrock, baseboards and alike.

Are air samples necessary? 
In most cases, no! however, if mold has been disturbed without proper handling it may be necessary to determine if cross-contamination exists, in addition, if a licensed physician has found spores in the bloodstream, you may want to pursue the origin by sampling home and work area's.

When should i clean my dryer vent?
Once you have to dry loads more than one time to completely dry everything, its time to consider cleaning the vent line. ( a clogged dryer line is a potential fire hazard!)

Do you work on weekends?
We will do whatever we can to accommodate your schedule, Las Vegas residents work a wide variety of shifts, so it's important that we are able to be flexible whenever possible.


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